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The Why of Hundredth Monkey

Hundredth Monkey

The idea of Hundredth came from nowhere. Well, it came from somewhere…everything has an origin somewhere, right? But it came on fast and furious and demanded my immediate attention and action.  I’ve had similar projects brewing in my head for a while, in different incarnations and configurations. But the timing was never quite right or I didn’t anchor it quick enough. 100th Monkey was a different animal.

I’m not a channel, per se, though I believe we all channel a greater wisdom, our higher self. We are all intuitive and connect to a powerful inner universe, where all is. When we empty ourselves of fears and other “stuckness”, we become open to receive, to hear the inner voice, the cosmic pulse. So much of what I write and what I write about come from the collective consciousness. It’s amazingly timely for many people, especially myself. Other times, it’s a grid stone or a foundation stone. Sometimes Most of the time, it feels like no one is listening. And perhaps no one is. The frequency is still being tuned, the seed being sown. But that isn’t really the point.

I know when I download, someone else is doing the same in another spot, and many other spots around the world. I’m part of the bridge that is building a new grid. Of light. Of consciousness. And as a good “new” friend reminded me today, “there is no vanity in the presence of gratitude” and believe me, I feel the presence of grace when I let it flow. So much so that I sit in awe. To be honest, it is so powerful, tears flow. (Yes, I write alone and no explanations are needed! My dogs are used to it.) There is no ego. I’m not attached to what I say or write. There is no agenda to convince others, though an evolution of our thought patterns and the current world paradigm would tickle me pink.

This is Day 0. I don’t know where the path will lead and what will become of this idea.

What I can promise you is honesty and the spirit of “anything is possible”.  I’m just staggered by the amazing amount of information and the breathtaking souls out there right now. Part of my calling for this community of Hundredth Monkey is to create a space of no-judgment for the curious, the eager, the uninspired, the fearless, and the ready.  Like Emma Lazarus wrote “your huddled masses yearning to breathe free”. Everyone is welcome – just check your unwillingness to (fill in the blank) at the door.

I’m not here to inspire you, though if I do, I am forever more grateful. We are here to inspire each other and to pull threads of light from the collective and the cosmos to weave a new bright and joyful tapestry of humanity.

I do have to remember that I am here for the human experience, even if I have been denying that for years. I know I’m far more than my physical body, who is in this journey with me. (Thank you!) And I feel the heartbeat of humanity and Mother Earth beautifully and wonderfully inside each of us. We just need to remember. Remember who we are, and that we are whole. And let your inspiration flood our planet with light!

Join us on Facebook and post all sorts of “crazy” ideas.  The more there is of us at the leading edge of thought, the quicker and easier it is to build the momentum to shift into a new world, a paradigm based on limitlessness. In that higher dimension, we live as our true selves. Our divine selves.

As Mike Dooley said, “thoughts become things”. What old thoughts would you like to discard? What old tape would you like to throw out? And what new thoughts would you have to create the world you wish for?

Would you be the “Hundredth Monkey”?

Got Ideas?