paradigm shifts

The Hundredth Monkey World


What does the Hundredth Monkey World look like?

Now if I TOLD you what it’d look like, exactly, I’d be taking all the wind out of the sail, wouldn’t I? Plus there is this thing called free will. But really I just don’t want to spoil the fun of creation and manifestation by painting a picture of what it may look like. I would, however, like to underpin the whole shift with ONE word – possibilities.


1 more time – possibilities.

If we open ourselves to the possibility of possibilities, our whole life will begin to shift, and crack out of the pattern that we have locked ourselves in with outdated belief systems. For me, living in the spirit and innocence of “and” is more fun, expansive, and light. “Or” is just so limiting. And “MORE”? Now we’re talking.

I wake up wondering what fantastic synchronicities, wonders, and zing will show up in my life.

I expect miracles. I expect to be wowed. I expect to “defy gravity”.

Yes, I am an optimist. But more than that, it just never occurred to me that something is not possible. I operate from yes, rather than no.  (OK, when I’m tired, it’s a maybe) Before, I would swing to the polar opposite just to prove that something can be done. That the conventional, traditional, institutionalized ways of doing and thinking are not the only way. These days, I don’t need to prove to anyone, least of all, myself. But that was my journey, the experience I chose to anchor as a human. To connect with people from different spheres of life, to live the diversity.

I’m not calling for anarchy.

I’m not calling for a rebellion against authority or institution.

I’m not calling for a thrown down. Just for the sake of it.

What I’m asking is what will it take for more and more people to question the current holographic model of life and living on this planet.

What I’m asking is what will it take for more and more people to be open to allowance, to receiving, to letting go and moving into a space and energy of no-judgment and joy. And WAY more fun.

What I’m asking is when will enough of us show up with our authentic self for this fabulous life, that the scale tips and the world shifts into….more.

What I’m asking is how many of us will stand up and shout with an open heart, “I too have a dream!”

Come, stand up and dance.

Come, stand up and be counted.

I know it hasn’t always been easy but guess what? The energy is shifting. The whole world is changing. People are awakening to the Sleeper within.  It does make it easier when you don’t feel like or made to feel like the only lunatic on the block, the geeky nerd or whatever loner outcast… It’s our individuality, the different facets of a crystal, our unique expressions that make it all so wonderful.

I can’t say for certain what the Hundredth Monkey World will look like but I sure am excited about creating it. Having a load of fun, splashing rainbow colour around, and getting real with who I am and how I wanna express the love, the joy, and the gratitude that I am.

What does your Hundredth Monkey World look like?

Got Ideas?