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What If…Start with the Why

the WHY by Hundredth Monkey.orgWhat if it doesn’t matter WHAT you do?

What if WHAT is just an expression of the WHY?

What if knowing the WHY, it doesn’t matter WHAT flows through you, whether it be art or music or writing or daytime trading or full time mom or civil servant or dog trainer or all of the above and more?

What if the WHY is so much simpler than we all think? What if the WHY doesn’t have to be full of meaning or significance? What if no one really judges the WHY except ourselves?

What if the WHY doesn’t have to be a sophisticated, intellectual, witty or (choose your own adjective here) vision statement?

WHY is different for everyone and could be as specific as wanting to save Bukit Brown or as catchall as wanting to preserve the heritage and environment for us and the future generations or because you believe it is the “right” thing to do.  WHY could simply be to reconnect to our joy. WHY could be a feeling or a knowing.

Not everyone is a WHY. There are many WHOs who are WHATs and HOWs – people who know what to do and how to do them to create the visions of the big WHYs. These are people who are just more comfortable (for whatever reason – “skill sets”, missions, etc) as WHATs and HOWs. One is not better than another. Just different and we need all the WHOs to be who they really are, whether that’s a WHY, a WHAT or a HOW person. Now everyone has a WHY in them somewhere. It can be a seedling or a full-blown passion that pops them out of bed every morning, ready to take on the world. It isn’t the size of the WHY that counts. All seeds grow when watered and for dreams, by love and joy. What matters is that each of us, everyone of us, acknowledges the WHY inside.

When we are WHO we really are (limitless!), and we do the WHATs that flow to us, in the ways we know HOW, to express the WHY in our life, we arrive at accomplishment and success. Not defined by our parents, our peers or others in our world, but by what makes us grin and go “ahh”. Accomplishment and success not in the static way – that’s heavy and full of unhealthy attachment. But in a light way, and frankly to let our ego know our feet, our heart, and our brain are all pointed in the same direction – infinite possibilities and happiness.

What is happiness?

Happy is loving what we do, because it’s no longer about the doing but about the being. Happy is being part of the whole, knowing once again we are not separate from others. Happy is feeling the bond that connects us all. We are not cogs in a machine. We are not just another body in the 7-billion-strong global population.  We are ALL unique individual expressions of the divine. We flow and ebb. We expand and contract. We are fluid, not solid. We are rainbow, and not just gold. We are INFINITE.

And in the end, not really knowing that we know the WHY isn’t important because we already do. It’s like what they say about forgiveness – in the end, you discover there is nothing to forgive. Why? Because all is perfect. It’s just along the way to remembering that we need a few tools to jostle our memory and trigger our awakening.


post idea inspired by Start with the Why by Simon Sinek
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