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From Impossibility to Possibility

impossibility to possibility

Hundredth Monkey is about exploring possibilities and living from a place of the possibility of possibilities.

This “realm” of infinite possibilities is a special place, a beautiful place, a limitless place, where everyone is welcomed. It’s where dreams are born and where they flourish. It’s where “crazy” is the norm and “more” is an everyday occurrence. It’s where we expect “miracles”. The platform for inspired action and the springboard to connect to the unknown.

It’s where we embrace life itself.

How do we get there?

We start with awareness. No matter where we are, what we do, and what we believe, we start with awareness. Without being conscious of where we are, what we do, and what we believe, we don’t even know change is possible, desired, and needed. Merely sleepwalking through life, responding on auto-pilot, is doing yourself, and the world, an injustice. We need YOU to be the spark of brilliance we ALL are.

Be mindful and be conscious of what we actually think, say, and do.  Be aware of others’ thoughts and beliefs that we allow to permeate our boundaries and become tyrants in our sovereign selves.

For most people, the automatic response to anything is “I can’t”.

It’s not “I don’t want to” because that’d be different.

“I can’t” is premised on a desire and results from a conflict between that desire and a fear-based perception. By saying “I can’t” we are simply shortchanging ourselves, closing ourselves off to what we can do. And to who we really are.

So what can we do?


1Simply stop saying “I can’t”.

Replace that tape of automatic response with something different. Start with a maybe. Start with a let’s see.

Taking the words “I can’t” out of the repertoire for any conversations about your dreams can create powerful shifts.

This is what Mike Dooley (Notes from the Universe) called reverse engineering. Look at the outward signs of your known and unknown beliefs, ie actions and words, and start there. Say things to support what you want and stop saying things that undermine them. Then you start to turn those beliefs on their heads, making them less and less powerful. Remember, we act from our most dominant thoughts.

Is your dominant thought “I can”?


2Explore this “I can’t”.

Break down or expand this statement. Why can’t you? Are there concrete steps you can take to remedy the constraints? Are there baby steps you can take to fulfill your desire? Are there different variations that are possible now? Is this even your dream?

By consciously naming the reasons you believe “I can’t” you will start to see that 1) some of the reasons are no longer valid 2) some of the reasons are actually surmountable and 3) this perception of impossibility will actually start to shift. You may no longer see it as one crazy humongous mountain whose peaks are beyond sight. A path will likely emerge. An excitement will brew and curiosity will lead you to new connections.


3Speak to people about your dreams…you never know what they can contribute.

Seek out positive and supportive people – you may be surprised at how eager and passionate people are at helping others find this place of possibilities. They come from a place of win-win-win because they no longer see competition as limitations. Go beyond this current paradigm of victimhood and finite reality by believing in possibilities. By believing in yourself.

The way I see it is this: by turning more and more of the small “can’t”s into “can”s, you are starting a domino effect. The more of these spots of blackholes of desires, will, and ability disappear, the more of your own brilliant radiance you will see. And even the big “can’t”s will shrink or dissolve.

And before you know it, MORE will simply show up in your reality.

The “I can’t”s really block everything. Not only your dreams, but even things you didn’t know you didn’t know you didn’t have in your life. The belief of possibility opens up a bridge or a stargate to an entire new world that you may not even know existed. A world that is well-populated. Yes, as much as you may have “negative” people, naysayers, in your life, there are countless of people out there, doing their thing. Living the life they want. Just because they believe. Just because they don’t buy into all the “should”s, “must”s, and “have-to”s, all very toxic to living in a world of possibilities.

In believing in yourself, hearing your own drum beat, and dancing to the fire of passions that burns bright within, that “how can I” will inevitably landslide into “how can I not?”

And remember, in the word impossible lies I’M POSSIBLE.

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