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Live YOUR Legend

Live Your Legend - Hundredth Monkey.orgThere is a revolution going on.

It’s been going on for quite a while now.

Invisible and quiet to some but outstanding and paradigm-blasting to many. And many more are joining the ranks.

I’m not talking about a revolution with guns, tanks or even strong words.

This revolution starts within and is creating ripples in people’s lives and the world. Not for the sake of creating ripples but that’s just what happens. Naturally. Fantastically. And sometimes at lightning speed.

What’s going on?


You tell me it’s the institution
Well, you know
You better free you mind instead


Our mind, with all its beliefs, is the limitation in our world but it’s also a tool for creation. We can create the life we want. And many people are doing just that. They are doing the work they love, instead of being a slave to a system that is crumbling under the pressures of dissolving duality. They are all connecting to their passions, rekindling that connection to all that they love, and playing on a soul level. Some are having wild adventures – because that’s their passion. Some are transforming the world – because that’s their passion. Some are inventing – because that’s their passion. The key is to find what stokes your soul and makes your inside giggle, laugh and dance. Seriously.

Are you living YOUR legend?

Because we are all legends. We are the Chosen One, if that’s we choose (thanks A). And we can start NOW. We can start at any age. Age is only a limitation in this paradigm, in your mind. If you choose. It’s all a choice.

Whenever you are YOU, whether changing the world is the intention, it’s inevitable.

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