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What is Normal?

what is normal? - 100th Monkey.orgNormal is one of those words people use a lot but do we really know what it even means?

The standard of normal has obviously shifted over the years. Just look at the standard of beauty. And normal is not only subjected to temporal changes or restraints but also cultural, religious, philosophical, etc. And the word is quite loosely used in today’s lexicon as an euphemism for something that a person would not do themselves. As in, “that’s not normal!” We do tend to measure the external world against ourselves.


Normal – according with or not deviating from a normal, rule or principle; conforming to a type, standard or regular pattern; occurring naturally; free from mental disorder

To me, normal is a very non-descript word (like nice) that holds very little meaning or guidance. Especially given the multicultural society most of us live in these days. Plus the rapidly changing times. It may have been normal to follow in order to find the truth. Now, I daresay it’s about exploration and discernment. Individuality to evolve the whole society, rather than blending in to do it.

And what I thought as normal ten or even five years ago no longer holds true. Because times change. Because I change gain greater awareness and perspective. And I remember. And more people are embracing their “weirdness”, to separate themselves from the masses. Conformity has become somewhat of a “dirty” word. Because the economical and capitalist models, along with the institutions, are crumbling under the pressure of Change. Because towing the company line and not standing up for what’s right is not cool. Because the rat race basically sucks and we’re not buying it en masse.

No more, we say.

I’m not here to argue what is normal, what is not or whether conformity is good or bad. I just want to present the (not-new) idea that normalcy is a moving target, and not one we necessarily want to hit.

Do you really want to be normal? Or is it acceptance you crave? There is an unmistakable bond between all beings and it’s not surprising that we want to be in the fold. To feel that we are loved. Though I daresay being normal isn’t the route. We may have once thought so, or were told so.

Hiding ourselves, the parts that we thought were different, just made us splinter. Burying or removing the parts that make us special seems somewhat counterintuitive, doesn’t it? But it happens all the time. Is that normal?? (as in sane?)

What if being normal isn’t the point? What if being YOU, the whole YOU, whatever that shows up as, from moment to moment, is the point? What if being less than what we truly are is the abnormal part of the new paradigm? What if being ALL that we are is the new norm, the new standard?

Got Ideas?