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Cheer On!

Cheer On - Hundredth MonkeyAre you full of ideas, dreams, and even drive to bring everything into creation?

I would say yes.

But are you feeling a little stuck? Maybe a little fatigued? Frustrated?

It’s normal. From time to time, we need to check our navigation, instead of pushing full steam ahead. With blinkers on.

What we have to remember is that we are human BE-ings. Most of us are do-ers, always do, do, do, doing something.

Cultural conditioning.

We are a force of nature and most of us have immense stores of energy that allow us to be a tornado of change. But even nature has a natural flow & ebb in energy. It’s not all-out go go go all the time. Reflection, reconsideration, retooling, and just general relaxation is good for the body and the mind. We need to energize, using whatever method that works best for us.

And always along the way, remember to celebrate. ALWAYS. The small & big stuff. It’s important to acknowledge what we have done, where we are, and to pat ourselves on the back. Self-love. Self-approval. Very important ingredients in the blend that is uniquely us.

What else is important to tap into your potential and achieve BIG?

I would say a good pit crew. Surround yourself with people with the same frequency, drive, passion, and mind-set. Surround yourself not with Yes men/women, but with cheerleaders, a good sounding board in trusted counsel, and just generally awesome people doing awesome things. It’s really lovely to be with an entourage who just WANTS you to succeed. If you can connect with people already kicking ass doing what you love to/want to do, that’s even better.

So you may be fatigued because people in your environment may not be aligned with your spirit. You may be stuck because it’s time to re-look at where you are in this ever-changing landscape. And you may be frustrated because you know MORE is possible but somehow it’s not quite showing up (or is it?)

Yes, fatigue, inertia and frustration really suck.

But they are just signs and reminders that being kind to ourselves is of utmost importance. We need to be nurtured and nourished. Do MORE of what you love and less of what you don’t love. Simple, right? And have fun. Take some time out of being serious, and focused on being “successful”, and just reconnect with all things joyful.

You may have heard this one already but don’t let other people dim your light because they can’t shine any brighter (at the moment). Don’t feel obliged to turn down your own brilliance to help others be more comfortable or to make yourself more palatable. Your brightness will allow others to see what is possible!


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