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Cheer On!

Cheer On - Hundredth MonkeyAre you full of ideas, dreams, and even drive to bring everything into creation?

I would say yes.

But are you feeling a little stuck? Maybe a little fatigued? Frustrated?

It’s normal. From time to time, we need to check our navigation, instead of pushing full steam ahead. With blinkers on.

What we have to remember is that we are human BE-ings. Most of us are do-ers, always do, do, do, doing something.

Cultural conditioning.Continue Reading

The Art of Non-Conformity with Chris Guillebeau

The reward for conformity is that everyone likes you but yourself But the forces that be, that want us to conform, are strong and consistent. After all, it’s an innate desire to belong, to fit in…it’s really a survival tactic. There is safety in numbers. You cover my weaknesses and I cover yours. We lookContinue Reading

What is Normal?

Normal is one of those words people use a lot but do we really know what it even means? The standard of normal has obviously shifted over the years. Just look at the standard of beauty. And normal is not only subjected to temporal changes or restraints but also cultural, religious, philosophical, etc. And theContinue Reading

Live YOUR Legend

There is a revolution going on. It’s been going on for quite a while now. Invisible and quiet to some but outstanding and paradigm-blasting to many. And many more are joining the ranks. I’m not talking about a revolution with guns, tanks or even strong words. This revolution starts within and is creating ripples inContinue Reading

The Art in Your Work

Are you an artist? I don’t mean if you paint or sculpt or play kick-ass rifts. I don’t mean if you are a Picasso, an Andy Warhol, a Leonard Cohen or a Fred & Ginger. I don’t mean someone you would obviously call an artist. I mean are you someone who ROCKS at what youContinue Reading

Let the Horse Remind You of You

I have been thinking about horses A LOT lately. Horses are such amazing creatures – beautiful, instinctual, intelligent… the list goes on. When I think of horses, the imagery is a herd of wild horses running through the prairies. Mustangs. Free. Symbol of the indomitable spirit. People are a lot like horses…when they operate fromContinue Reading

Be Your Own Superhero

Think back, way back, to when you were a little boy or a little girl…. ….are you there? Who are you? Who did you want to be? Who was your favourite hero? Your superhero? Was it Superman? Supergirl? Batman, Robin, or Batgirl? He Man? Wonder Woman? Bionic Man? Spiderman? Are you smiling yet? Feeling anything isContinue Reading

From Impossibility to Possibility

Hundredth Monkey is about exploring possibilities and living from a place of the possibility of possibilities. This “realm” of infinite possibilities is a special place, a beautiful place, a limitless place, where everyone is welcomed. It’s where dreams are born and where they flourish. It’s where “crazy” is the norm and “more” is an everydayContinue Reading

Loving Questions

I LOVE questions. All kinds of questions. And now that I’m wiser, I love most the questions for which I’m not seeking an answer. Questions that may not even have an answer. Because in the end it’s not about the answer. Does that sound weird? Does asking questions and not expecting or getting answers makeContinue Reading

Greening South Bronx

Do you know what South Bronx is famous for? I would have to say spunk. Reading the list of famous people from one of the poorest congressional districts in the United States, I can’t help but feel that drive for success. Al Pacino, Bobby Darin, Jennifer Lopez, to name a few + rappers and athletes. And that can’t-beat-me-downContinue Reading